New Pilgrim’s Progress movie!

Hello all!

I suppose you’ve all read John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, the second most read book in the world (second only to the Bible itself). Well, there is a movie adaption of it coming out in 700+ theaters this Easter!TPP_1800x450_B03.jpgTPP_728x90_B01TPP_728x90_B01.jpg

It is made  in CGI animation, and has been endorsed by people like: Ray Comfort, Dr. James Dobson, and Tim Wildmon.

Here is the trailer to it.


I highly recommend this movie, and I think that everyone should watch it, you can go to to see where it is playing near you.


Have a blessed Saturday!


36 thoughts on “New Pilgrim’s Progress movie!

  1. I was mentioning your company/Pilgrim’s Progress movie to my husband and he told me he was “coincidently” rereading it at night (there IS no coincidence with God!) I hope to send out notices to our friends with 14 children and other friends who home school. I hope it will show on my Facebook page but sadly hasn’t yet) and you don’t currently have a “reblog” link or did I miss it?

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