We will be updating!

Hello all!

We will be updating you at least once or twice a week as to A Tangled Web’s progress. We are just starting to edit the movie, so no new news yet on that.

A Tangled Web is about three siblings who plan an afternoon hike, not knowing that a wanted criminal is in the area.

Just as a reminder, for this short, our goal was/is for us to get to know more about the ins and outs of how to make a movie, so that we can get better at it. We do give reverence to God several times throughout the film, but there is not a strong Christian message to it.

Thank you very much for reading and have a blessed day!





10 thoughts on “We will be updating!

  1. I love this picture above!! I feel like you guys doing this movie is like doing scales on a piano, it just gets you more and more ready to do great things later! No practice is wasted practice, you will learn from making this movie, and your next one will be that much better, as you critique what you could have improved on. (btw, typo on first line, “trice” –> twice)

    Thanks for the update Elijah! 🙂 Dina

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