Production update

Hello everyone!

I know this update is long overdue, but better late than never, right? Well…I thought so… πŸ™‚

We have been extremely busy preparing to film Second Chances. And I’ve got a million things on my to-do list (maybe just a little exaggerated), that we will need to get done before we can begin to film on September 3rd.

The Lord has been opening so many doors and has really been showing himself to us through this film. We have casted some pretty amazing actors from all over the US to be in the film, and some of our crew members have been in the film industry for almost twice as long as I’ve been alive. So, yea, it is pretty awesome to see what God is doing!

My entire family is helping out to make this film a reality, and all of us will be playing small roles in the film (mostly just extras or featured extras πŸ˜‰ ).

Anyway, I have to go now, but I thought I would stop for a moment to give to guys an update.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us as we undertake this massive project!

God bless!




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