We are in the casting stage for Second Chances. Would you like to play a part? Read below.

We will be accepting video auditions up until July 31st.
In-person auditions on June 28th and 29th (contact us for the times and location.)
Both video auditions, as well as in-person auditions will be held.
Shooting Starts: Sept 3, 2019
Shooting Ends: Sep 28, 2019
With a break from the 19th to the 22nd. 10 hour days.

If you are interested in playing one of the below parts, and would like script sides, please fill out the form at the very bottom of this page. Note: We are going to be filming in the Hayden/Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls (Idaho) area. These are non-paying parts.


A family tragedy three years ago left Cameron Taylor a hardened teenager with a chip on his shoulder. In trying to escape home pressures and past nightmares, a single mistake shatters his world, leading him on a desperate search for answers.

When his mother suggests a change of scenery for the summer, Cameron reluctantly agrees, but country life holds more in store than he could have imagined. New friends—Alan and Elise—help to ease the pain of the past, but a freak accident one morning brings Cameron face-to-face with his biggest nightmare once more.

Will Cameron succumb to the tragedies of the past or have the courage to trust God and face the future?

Character BIOS:
Cameron Taylor [male] (15-17) 20 days
A young teenager with a chip on his shoulder. Trying to cope with the consequences of a tragic decision, he must decide to either keep his struggles and fears inside himself, or to lay them at the feet of Jesus, and trust in Him. – BOOKED

Alan Doherety [male] (35-45) About 10 days
Uncle Philip’s business partner. A devout Christian, who loves sharing the Gospel with the lost, and going fishing when he has the time. He is someone that Cameron thinks he can trust with his sad story. – BOOKED

Elise Thompson [female] (18-25) 8 days
Secretary for Philip and Alan’s company. Engaged to be married in a few weeks. She wants to help Cameron see through his pain, if she can. – BOOKED

Uncle Philip Gallagher [male] (35-50) 7 days
Cameron’s uncle. Loves his wife and kids. Enjoys working with Christians, but tells Cameron not to pay too much attention to their “religious talk”. – BOOKED

Jayden Gallagher [female] (11-13) 6-7 days
Likes hanging out with Justin, and spending time in the woods. She enjoys a touch of adventure. – BOOKED

Jonah Thomson [male] (15-17) 5-6 days
Elise’s younger brother. Becomes good friends with Cameron, and wants to get to know him better. – BOOKED

Aunt Julie Gallagher [female] (35-50) 4 days
Enjoys living out in the country with her husband and two children. – BOOKED

Justin Gallagher [male] (17-19) 4 days
Loves the party life and doesn’t take anything too seriously. Could be a bad influence on Cameron, if Cameron didn’t know any better. – BOOKED

Katelyn Taylor [female] (6-8) 5 days
Youngest in the Taylor family. Sweet, and very sensitive. Enjoys playing Monopoly with Cameron, and playing with her friends. She brings some of the comedy into the film.          – BOOKED

Chelsea Taylor [female] (35-45) 4 days
Cameron’s mom. A devout Christian, who tries very hard to lead her family after her husbands death. – BOOKED

Drew Taylor [male] (11-13) 4 days
Cameron’s younger brother. Always has his nose in a science book, and rarely uses words with less then 3 syllables. Cameron calls him “Einstein “. – BOOKED

Anna Taylor [female] (14-15) 4 days
Cameron’s younger sister. Likes talking on the phone with her best friend, Allison; and is not too enthusiastic about helping around the house. – BOOKED

Bryson Rush [male] (13-17) 3 days
Cameron’s best friend. Likes eating Chelsea’s muffins, and making fireworks. – BOOKED

Steven Taylor [male] (28-35) 1 day
Cameron’s dad, who died three years ago. Will appear in a flashback. – BOOKED

Micah Stanton [male] (20-25) 4 hours
Elise’s fiancé. – BOOKED

Mikayla [female] (13-16) 2 hours
Friend of  Elise. – BOOKED

Man and Wife (20’s or 30’s) 2 hours – BOOKED

Mrs. Thomson [female] (40-50) 1 hour
Elise and Jonah’s mom. Featured extra – BOOKED

Policeman [male] (25-35) 2 hours – BOOKED

Katelyn’s friend [female] (6-8) 2 hours
Featured extra – BOOKED

Two boys [male] (13-16) 1 hour
Featured extras – BOOKED

Cameron Taylor [male] (4-5) 3 hours
Cameron when he was a young child. – BOOKED








Thank you very much, and let me know if you have any questions!

Elijah Holston – Director