We are looking for 21-22 crew positions for our next film: Second Chances. Below is a list of all the positions, along with the descriptions of what each will require.

You do not necessarily need to have any experience in these areas, because most of it is pretty easy to learn. All we require is that you come, willing to learn.

Assistant Director

The job of the Assistant Director is extremely important! Because it can take a lot of stress off the director, so that he can focus more on directing the actors. You are going to be assisting the Director with general duties. You will also be in charge of knowing where everybody is when on set. So, if we are shooting, and somebody has to quickly run home for something, they will tell you.

Script Supervisor

You will work closely with me, by taking detailed notes concerning what has been shot, needs to be shot, and will also note any deviations from take to take. You also will make sure that the dialogue corresponds with the script, taking logging notes that are essential when editing, such as locating shots and finding the best takes.

Production Designer

The Production Designer is in charge of everything (and everyone) in the art department. As the Production Designer you will be primarily responsible for the design and overall visual “look” and “feel” of a movie. This includes the use of costumes, landscapes, props and other visual scenery that could reflect the movie script.

  1. Prop Master – You will work with the Production Designer to acquire all the props, and make sure they are all in their appropriate positions on set.
  2. Set Dressers (2)– The set dressers are responsible for the placement of all furniture, and all props at each location. Most of your work will take place before the rest of the crew arrives and after they have left the set. But, you will remain on the set during filming, for when we have to move things around
  3. Costume Designer – The costume designer makes decisions on which costumes actors will wear based on the script.  Since this is a modern film, you will just be making sure that the actors bring the right clothes to the set.
  4. Key Costume – You will be the Costume Designer’s assistant, helping him/her out with everything he/she needs help with before filming. You will also make sure everyone is in costume when on set.

Director of Photography (Cinematographer)

This is a huge job! You will be in charge of the overall look of the film, as seen through the camera, and will be in charge of the entire camera crew, lighting design, and the grip.  You will work closely with me to design how each scene will be filmed and how the lighting will reflect the appropriate emotions. Basically, you’re the artist who will make the film look amazing on screen.


1.Camera Operator – There will usually always be two cameras going when we are filming; the Director of Photography (D.P.) will be operating one, and   you: the camera operator, will be operating the other. You will work with the D.P.

2. Assistant Camera – You will be in charge of the clapper board. So, basically, you will write on the clapper board the information of whatever scene we are currently filming; and, when we are ready to shoot, you will put the clapper in front of the camera and read off what it says.

3. Steadicam Operator – For certain shots, we will need to use a Steadicam. Which is basically a stabilizer that you hold and can walk with, while still getting a smooth shot. You’re the guy who will be doing this, whenever we need it.


1. Key Grip – You will be in charge of the Grip Department. So, basically, you will be the one who makes sure that all the tripods, boom poles, light stands, ect… are on set, and where the D. P. wants them to be when we are ready to shoot. You will be working closely with the Gaffer, and will also be in charge of the Grips.

2. Grips (2) – The Grips will work with the Key Grip, and help set all the grip up in the appropriate positions.


1. Gaffer – You are the person responsible for situating the lights according to the desires of the Director of Photography. You will be working closely with the key grip on  which lights are to be placed where.

2. Electric Lighting Technician – You are in charge of the electricity. You will make sure we have the appropriate amount of electrical cords on set; and, when we are filming where there aren’t any electric outlets nearby, you will make sure that we have a generator. You are also going to be filling the position of Best Boy, which means that you will also be helping the Gaffer set up the lights.

Sound Designer

You, as the Sound Designer, will be in charge of all audio. Making sure that all the sound is recorded, and checking to make sure it sounds great! You will also double as a Sound Mixer, which means that you will be listening to the sound as it is being recorded, making sure that the mics picked up everything.

1. Boom Operator – Yep! This is just what it sounds like! You will be operating the boom pole; holding it over the actors, making sure that the mic picks up all the sound perfectly! Having headphones on, so that you can hear the sound just as it will sound to the audience.

Production Assistant – You will be the guy people call on when they need random help. For instance: An actor left something in their car, and you have to run to get it. Or, the Key Costume has a lot of things to do, and just can’t get it all finished by a certain time, you will help him/her.

Transportation Drivers (3 or 4) – You will be in charge of transporting everyone and everything from set to set.

If you would like to fill one of the above positions, we would love to work with you! Just fill out the below form.

We will be filming Monday-Saturday from September 3rd – September 28th. With a break from the 19th – 23rd. We will be working 10 hours a day. That’s alright if you can’t work the entire time. Just let me know your schedule, and we can work it out.



Thank you very much for your help!

Elijah Holston – Director