There are many other ways that you can help!



This project needs all the prayers as possible showered on it. So, please, pray for us as we endeavor to make this film for God’s glory!

Be nothing careful, but in all things let your requests be showed unto God in prayer and supplication with giving of thanks. – Philippians 4:6



We are going to need tons food when we are filming Second Chances! Just picture: on average 25-35 people, two meals a day (lunch and dinner), for 21 days. That’s almost… 1,300 meals! Yea, that’s a lot!

Please prayerfully consider helping us out by donating food! To get more information on how to help with food, fill out the below and one of the team will get back to you ASAP.





If you, or someone you know, has a few folding tables and/or folding chairs, we could really use them! We would be using the tables to put equipment on, and food when we eat; and the chairs for the cast and crew to sit down when they don’t have anything to do for a few minutes, as well as for when we eat.