We start filming next week!

Hello all, We begin filming Second Chances next Tuesday! This has been coming very quickly, and we have been able to get a lot of stuff done. The Lord has been bringing a ton of people together to help make this film amazing, and the Second Chances team is just about ready to begin shooting. Please continue to pray for that everything will be in place for us to begin on the 3rd and that all the filming will go smoothly.   Thank you very much! Elijah   Continue reading We start filming next week!


We are almost done filming A Tangled Web! Most of the movie is filmed, we have just about 8 more hours of filming to do, and then we will be finished with that part of production. We are planning on finishing up this weekend, depending on how the weather holds up; and then we will go into editing, which is Noah’s department. It will take a few weeks for Noah to edit, so A Tangled Web should be completed and ready to watch in late April or early May. I will be posting the official trailer in the next week … Continue reading Filming