Trailer Update

Hello! We have time-lined the trailer for A Tangled Web, and  are almost done editing it! When we are done editing the trailer I will compose a short piece of music to go to it, and then we will put it up on the Projects page! Thank you for your patience and have a blessed day! -Elijah P.S. Here is a link for you to hear a glimpse of part of the score for A Tangled Web: Continue reading Trailer Update


Today I am starting to compose a score for A Tangled Web, in the future we will be hiring a professional composer to do our scores, but I am going to do this one. I have never composed any music before, so this is a new experience for me. Right now I am writing the music for a chase scene, which is pretty exciting, because I get to use different rhythms and combinations to bring out the chase emotionally. I am using Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite for most of my inspiration, but without trying to copy it too much. Here is … Continue reading Music