Sorry for the delay! Lord willing the trailer will be up on the website on Monday (the 6th)! Noah finished editing the trailer, and I composed a short piece of music for it. Now all we have to do is get the music recorded, put the music into our editor, and then we’ll put it up on the Projects page for you to watch. We’re still working on the actually film, and this should be finished in the next few weeks! Thank you very much for your patience! -Elijah Continue reading Monday

Trailer Update

Hello! We have time-lined the trailer for A Tangled Web, and  are almost done editing it! When we are done editing the trailer I will compose a short piece of music to go to it, and then we will put it up on the Projects page! Thank you for your patience and have a blessed day! -Elijah P.S. Here is a link for you to hear a glimpse of part of the score for A Tangled Web: Continue reading Trailer Update